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 Inground Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height Basketball Stand

 Product introduction:

1.PRO-STYLE LOOK AND PERFORMANCE – Clear View tempered glass backboard delivers pro-style look and rebound performance
2.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – 60″ x 38″ backboard, 3/8″ thick, 5″ x 5″ pole size, and 3.5′ overhang
3.MOVE YOUR HOOP WITH YOU – In-ground anchor system cured in concrete with the option to unbolt and move goal

Product Description


1. lifting range 1800mm-3050mm column 180×180×3 square tube
2. Lifting rod assembly: screw adjustment length 590mm, bevel gear 12×2.5, bevel gear 24×2.5, φ48×5 tie rod tube, φ32×3 tie rod tube, graphite copper sleeve.
3. The arm length is 960mm-1245mm (changes with the lifting height), and the upper and lower tie rod tubes are all 60mm×40mm×3mm rectangular tubes.
4. The backboard connection frame is composed of frame tube 40mm×40mm×2.0mm, 10mm flange plate and 6mm ear plate.
5. The backboard is a 1800mm×1050mm double-layer laminated tempered glass backboard with a thickness of 10mm, high transparency and strong weather resistance. Cover the soft protective strips under the backboard along the sides to reduce sports impact injuries.
6. The elastic basketball hoop is made of round steel with a diameter of 20mm, which has good bending resistance and the downward angle does not exceed 30 degrees;
7. The screw adjustment operates smoothly, has low friction and is silent.
8. All steel parts are sprayed after oil and rust removal. The coating thickness is 70-140um and the pencil hardness reaches 3H+. The test sample has passed the GB1771-91, 36-hour salt spray test. The coating film has no change and scratches Corrosion on 1 side<2mm

Product Name

Inground basketball stand


Tempered Glass + Steel Tube +Solid steel elastic double spring rim


As your request

Main Column


  Surface Treatment    Electrostatic Spraying 


Century Star

  Other accessories    Protective padding included 


Detailed Photos

Required Tools and Materials

3 Capable Adults

Carpenter’s Level

Tape Measure

Shovel & Post Hole Digger


Stepladders 8ft

Safety Goggles

Socket Wrenches

Concrete 572kgs

Container to mix

Optional: Large&Small Adjustable Wrenches


The backboard is a 1800mm×1050mm double-layer laminated tempered glass backboard with a thickness of 10mm, high transparency and strong weather resistance. Cover the soft protective strips under the backboard along the sides to reduce sports impact injuries.

The elastic basketball rim is made of round steel with a diameter of 20mm and has good bending resistance. The downward angle does not exceed 30 degrees.

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ZheJiang century star sports equipments Co.,Ltd founded in 2009, is committed to research and development,sales for fitness,school education, sports venue construction,education equipment.                                     
Companies in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification,OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification,ISO 10015 training management system certification, product passed the attestation of Chinese environment mark, SGS detection, CE certification,NSCC identity certification such as quality certification.
And was rated as high-tech enterprises in ZheJiang province,ZheJiang province defends the contract heavy credit enterprise and other honors.In the sports industry with extensive recognition and market share.
Our experienced and knowledgeable sales service team is always available to handle any issues or questions you may have. Next, our research and development department has established long-term collaborations with many colleges and universities, enabling us to develop products independently and implement scaled production according to customers’ demands.
In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have set up a national level laboratory and introduced several pieces of sophisticated product testing equipment. Our company has passed a number of international management system certifications.
To date, Century Star ‘s products have been distributed across Canada, Russia, Turkey, Columbia and many other countries and regions.




Q1. Can you accept OEM make?
A: Yes, We can print your brand or logo on the products, and also can make the packing as per your request.

Q2. How can I get Samples?
A: The sample is not free and you need to pay for it.

Q3. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is also optional.

Q4. Where can I put my logo? 
A: 1) T/T(30% in advance, the balance by the copy of B/L).

     2)For small orders less than USD 5000, in order to save the bank transfer for both of us, we need 100% in advance.

Q5.What are your terms of payment?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q6: What after-sales service can you offer?
A: Within 1 year, non-human parts for damage are provided free of charge, more than 1 year, 3 years of paid maintenance.

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Product Name: Basketball Goal Stand
Backboard Material: 13mm Glass Fiber
Base Material: Steel Board
Rim Material: 20mm Round Steel
Steel Thickness: 6mm
Feature: Hand-Hydraulic Folding
US$ 500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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post hole digger

How do post hole diggers contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction?

Post hole diggers play a vital role in improving the efficiency of tasks like deck construction. They offer several benefits that enhance the overall construction process and expedite the installation of decks. Here are some ways post hole diggers contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction:

  1. Precise Hole Digging: Post hole diggers allow for precise and consistent hole digging. They are designed to excavate holes of the desired diameter and depth, ensuring accuracy and uniformity in the placement of deck support posts. This precision is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and alignment of the deck, especially when multiple posts need to be installed.
  2. Time and Labor Savings: Compared to manual digging methods, post hole diggers significantly reduce the time and physical effort required to excavate holes for deck posts. The mechanical action of the digger, whether it’s a manual or powered model, allows for quicker and more efficient digging, minimizing the need for strenuous manual labor. This time and labor savings translate to increased productivity and faster completion of the deck construction project.
  3. Consistent Hole Depth: Achieving consistent hole depths is crucial for achieving a level and stable deck structure. Post hole diggers help maintain consistent hole depths by providing depth control features or markings on the digger. This ensures that all the deck support posts are set at the same height, resulting in an even and uniform deck surface.
  4. Reduced Soil Disruption: Post hole diggers are designed to minimize soil disruption during the digging process. They remove soil from the hole without disturbing the surrounding area excessively. This is particularly important in deck construction, where the integrity of the adjacent ground needs to be preserved to support the overall stability of the deck and prevent soil erosion.
  5. Ease of Operation: Post hole diggers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They typically feature ergonomic handles, balanced weight distribution, and intuitive controls. This ease of operation reduces operator fatigue and allows for more efficient and comfortable digging, especially when multiple holes need to be excavated for a deck construction project.
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By offering precise hole digging, time and labor savings, consistent hole depth, reduced soil disruption, ease of operation, versatility, and adaptability to various deck designs, post hole diggers significantly contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction. They streamline the process, improve productivity, and help ensure the construction of a sturdy, level, and well-aligned deck structure.

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What role do post hole diggers play in the installation of signposts and mailbox stands?

Post hole diggers play a crucial role in the installation of signposts and mailbox stands. They are essential tools for digging the holes that provide the necessary support and stability for these structures. Here’s a detailed explanation of the role post hole diggers play in the installation process:

  1. Digging Holes: The primary role of post hole diggers is to excavate holes in the ground. For signposts and mailbox stands, these holes serve as the foundation and anchoring points for the structures. Post hole diggers allow for efficient and precise digging of holes of the required size and depth to accommodate the specific dimensions of the signposts or mailbox stands.
  2. Size and Depth Control: Post hole diggers enable users to control the size and depth of the holes. Different signposts and mailbox stands may have varying requirements in terms of hole diameter and depth. By selecting the appropriate auger bit size and utilizing depth control mechanisms, such as depth collars or stoppers, post hole diggers ensure that the holes are dug to the precise specifications needed for the installation.
  3. Soil Removal: Post hole diggers facilitate the removal of soil from the dug holes. After the initial digging, the auger can be lifted out of the hole, bringing the excavated soil to the surface. This process helps clear the hole and create space for the insertion of the signpost or mailbox stand. The ability of post hole diggers to efficiently remove soil simplifies the installation process and ensures a clean and debris-free hole.
  4. Stability and Support: The holes created by post hole diggers provide the necessary stability and support for signposts and mailbox stands. Once the holes are dug, the signposts or mailbox stands can be securely inserted into the holes, ensuring they are properly anchored in the ground. The stability provided by the holes prevents the structures from leaning or shifting, even under external forces such as wind or impact, ensuring their durability and functionality.
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  6. Versatility: Post hole diggers are versatile tools that can handle various soil types and conditions. Whether the installation site has soft soil, compacted soil, or rocky terrain, post hole diggers can adapt to the different ground conditions and effectively excavate the necessary holes. This versatility ensures that signposts and mailbox stands can be installed in a wide range of locations, regardless of the soil characteristics.

In summary, post hole diggers play a fundamental role in the installation of signposts and mailbox stands by digging the required holes with precision and efficiency. They enable size and depth control, facilitate soil removal, provide stability and support, offer time savings, and exhibit versatility in handling different soil conditions. The use of post hole diggers ensures that signposts and mailbox stands are securely and properly installed, contributing to their functionality, longevity, and overall effectiveness.

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How do motorized post hole diggers compare to manual ones in terms of efficiency?

Motorized post hole diggers, such as gas-powered or electric-powered augers, offer several advantages over manual post hole diggers in terms of efficiency. Here are some key points of comparison:

  1. Digging Speed: Motorized post hole diggers are generally much faster than manual ones. The power source, whether it be a gas engine or an electric motor, provides rotational force to the auger blades, allowing them to penetrate the ground quickly. This increased speed can significantly reduce the time and effort required to dig a hole, especially in challenging soil conditions.
  2. Physical Effort: Manual post hole diggers require significant physical exertion from the operator. The operator needs to apply downward force and twist the digger to dig into the ground. In contrast, motorized diggers eliminate or greatly reduce the need for physical effort. The power source does the work of driving the auger into the ground, requiring minimal physical exertion from the operator.
  3. Consistency: Motorized post hole diggers tend to provide more consistent digging results compared to manual ones. The power-driven rotation of the auger blades ensures a steady and uniform digging motion. This consistency helps in achieving consistent hole diameter and depth, which is particularly important when installing posts or other structures that require precise measurements.
  4. Handling Challenging Soils: Motorized post hole diggers are often better equipped to handle challenging soil conditions. They can tackle compacted soil, rocky terrain, or dense clay with greater ease than manual diggers. The power-driven auger blades can exert more force and overcome resistance, making it possible to dig in soils that may be difficult or impossible to dig with a manual digger.
  5. Large-Scale Projects: Motorized post hole diggers are especially advantageous for large-scale projects that involve digging multiple holes or digging deep holes. The efficiency and speed of motorized diggers allow operators to complete the work more quickly and effectively, saving time and labor costs compared to using manual diggers.

While motorized post hole diggers offer greater efficiency and convenience, it’s important to note that they may come with higher costs and maintenance requirements compared to manual diggers. Additionally, manual diggers can be more suitable for smaller projects or situations where physical effort is not a concern.

In summary, motorized post hole diggers outperform manual ones in terms of speed, physical effort, consistency, handling challenging soils, and large-scale projects. However, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs, project scale, and budget constraints.

China Custom 72 in Ground Size Adjustable Basketball Hoop with Temper Glass   pto shaft for bush hogChina Custom 72 in Ground Size Adjustable Basketball Hoop with Temper Glass   pto shaft for bush hog
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