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Welcome to Sunfield

Sunfield post auger has been serving burrowing services for three generations. Over the years, our commitment to quality and service and our dedication to customer needs have remained unwavering.

The company’s office and manufacturing facilities are located in Campana, Argentina. Our experienced employees live in this modern office building. They are committed to serving customers and accurately processing individual earth-moving rigs, small trenchers or parts orders, no matter how big or small.


Sunfield Earth Drill

For more than 50 years, Sunfield has been designing and manufacturing some of the best, safest and easiest to operate single-person ground boring machines.

Water well drilling rig

There are 16 types of drill bits that can be used for various applications, including water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling.

Mini trencher

Simple and avant-garde design, Kwik-Trench Earth Saw has proven itself to be the fastest and easiest to use small trencher on the market today.

Professional application

Horizontal boring

With its two horizontal drilling kits, Sunfield makes drilling on sidewalks and under driveways easier than ever. The accessory turns the multifunctional Sunfield mechanical soil drill into an efficient drilling machine.

Soil sampling

Whether you are building infrastructure or determining the best location for water wells, understanding soil quality is essential to reduce the risk of using unstable or unhealthy soil. Sunfield’s soil sampling equipment can ensure efficiency, precision and accuracy even in remote areas.


Sunfield’s anchoring accessories allow operators to use hydraulic soil drills to quickly install anchors for tents, mobile homes and utility poles. This compact and efficient setup allows each anchor to be installed in less than two minutes. In addition, Sunfield’s hydraulic drilling rigs can also be operated in reverse, making it easy to remove the anchor.