Article Abstract – This article will explore the different types of commercial Ever-power motor bases and the vast variations they have in maintainability and greatest drive efficiency. An in depth analysis of a Engine base motor bottom technology in comparison to industry standard (threaded bolt adjustment) bases will emphasize the energy savings, efficiency improvement and payback of retrofitting with a Electric motor base.

In Ever-power belt driven applications, belt tension represents a significant piece of the system’s overall efficiency. That efficiency could be adversely suffering from belt Motor base china slippage or excess pressure. How that belt drive can be installed and preserved is normally a function of the ease of use of the motor base.

Commercial Ever-power Motor bases typically fall into two categories. The first category is known as a fixed-position base. These bases typically have a couple of adjusting points where a nut is turned clockwise or counter clockwise to move the motor forward or backward. As the motor moves forward during adjustment the drive pressure decreases as the sheaves (pulleys) move nearer to one another. Conversely, as the engine moves backward the sheaves move additional away from each other and tension on the belt raises. The U.S. Division of Energy publishes that notched v-belt drive efficiency “deteriorates by as much as 5% (to a nominal efficiency of 93%) over time if slippage occurs because the belt is not periodically re-tensioned.”

The second kind of motor base can be an automatic or Motor base. A popular style is a spring-loaded edition that instantly adjusts for adjustments in center distance. When a engine operates, the starting torque causes the drive to flex slightly forward and once inertia is conquer it rebounds into position. Automatic tension-managed bases with a springtime design become a constant resistant drive that guarantees the motor’s v-belt drive is constantly under adequate tension.

System Effectiveness vs Proper Belt Tension

Under-tensioned belts result in slip between your driver sheave and the powered. The outcome of this is:
1. Decreased airflow, which can either increase runtime or decrease occupancy comfort.
2. Decreased power transmission performance and improved belt temperature because of the friction caused by the slippage.
3. Decreased overall component life.

Alternatively, over tensioned belts bring about:
1. Decreased bearing life
2. Excessive heat generation
3. Increased engine energy consumption

Think about this a Goldilocks and the 3 Bears analogy. The perfect belt tension is the point in which you have minimal slip and proper power transmitting, producing appropriate airflow with the minimum energy required to do so. The effect may be the belts operate at the perfect nominal temperature. Any other thing more or less would either be as well hot or too cool for Goldie.
Achieving and consistently maintaining this degree of tension when utilizing a fixed-position base could be a difficult job. It requires proper set up and periodic maintenance guidelines to make sure that the belt drive maintains an adequate level of efficiency. Manufacturers’ suggestions for installing belts and re-tensioning are to “Check tension frequently through the first 24 hours of procedure. Check after jog start or 1-3 moments of operation, at 8 hours, a day, 100 hours and periodically thereafter are recommended”.
Engine Bases are fabricated of metal which offers a foundation of rugged design, small and smooth to look at. Bases are design to provide sufficient travel, are fully adjustable by the use of a single adjusting screw and have elongated mounting holes in the bottom plate.
Type A adjustable NEMA Motor Bases design for lighter duty applications
Type B Heavy Duty bases can take a foot mounted gear reducer

Ever-power offers a complete range of motor bases ideal for any application. Choose from the MBA, with heavy-duty cast iron building, the MC, made from heavy-duty welded steel, the Model ’A’ Tilting, for fractional horsepower motors, or the QS electric motor base, which enables fast and simple motor repositioning. Common Electric motor Base,Characteristics: galvanization complete, with split plates sliding, it’s practical for bolts repairing of motors.
Application: repairing and adjustment of most series motors.
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We can also supply Adjustable Motor Mounts products according to drawings or samples.
Adjustable Motor Bases are weighty gauge steel installation bases made to simplify the installation of motors and make the tensioning, maintenance and replacement of belts a simple effective task. Fabricated from sheet or steel plate, then primed and completed in a gray rust and corrosion resistant oven-baked finish. Gussets and reinforcing channels on larger models and continuous seam welding on all units give these bases strength and durability for an extended life. An individual (215T frame and smaller sized) or double (NEMA 254T frame and bigger) zinc plated adjusting screw is certainly provided. Motor installation bolts are included. Adjustable motor bases are designed to mount to your existing motor’s base.
Use these bases to pressure motor belts where in fact the electric motor is definitely above or below the drive unit. They allow easy access to adjustment screws along with the plate. Belt tension can be adjusted without loosening the engine hold-down bolts. Alignment is usually maintained when changing belts. These bases are suitable for blower, compressor, enthusiast, mixer, and pump applications where belt adjustment is necessary. Note: Not for ceiling or part wall installations.
Check away ever-power wide selection of motor installation bases that can help placement motors and adjust belt tension during set up and maintenance of shaded-pole and PSC motors used in fans, blowers, direct-drive heating and AC applications and more. Find adjustable steel bases, pivot bases, automatic motor bases, resilient band mounting bases and more in an array of configurations. Store ever-power today for quality engine mounting bases to obtain the job done!