Hydraulic Auger Drives


TheEPG Auger Push is weighty duty built and developed in a slicing edge facility. EPG partnered with skilled CHINA to produce the very greatest Skid Steer Auger Travel the North American marketplace has to supply. The consequence is an aggressive Auger Travel, accessible in 3 designs, with significant torque for each foot capabilities. Useless to say, EPG is very delighted. EPG buys directly from the supply and via an unique partnership with Skid Steer Solutions, is capable to provide company charges, with out the conventional distributor mark-up.

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Decide on Auger Generate Design
Select an Excavator Auger Cradle (Drive Only alternative offered)
Select an Optional Auger Stump Planer (click on for details)
Pick an optional Auger Bit
Choose a 2nd optional Auger Little bit

The CHINA developed planetary gearbox delivers an huge sum of torque and longevity to this Skid Steer Auger Push. Competing manufacturers nevertheless use shafts inserted from the entrance, with issues of the shafts popping out when the retainer fails. EPG shafts are in fact inserted from the back on a thrust plate that evenly distributes the excess weight. This offers you a distinctive mechanical gain and provides a lot more power at the little bit. It also protects in opposition to the shaft from popping out and can make your operation a lot safer. EPG includes a life span ensure in opposition to any shaft pullout. Furthermore, the planetary gearbox is sealed with pre-put in lubrication, so there is no require for upkeep. All you have to do is attach your auger bit and do what you do greatest, function your compact tools.


Intense, tough working, and sturdy
Industry foremost planetary gearbox layout, servicing cost-free
Life span ensure from shaft pullout
Hydraulic Flow Assortment: seven-30 GPM (varies by product)
Hoses included
Excavator Working Bodyweight

2500 Design: four,400 – 8,800 lbs. (two – four T)
3500 Product: five,five hundred -nine,900 lbs. (2.five – 4.5 T)
4500 Model: 6,600 – eleven,000 lbs. (three – 5 T)

Hydraulic Auger Drives

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